Platinum Pools and Lewis Aquatech’s $5,000 giveaway promotion are picked up by The Contest Queen.

Platinum Pools and Lewis Aquatech’s $5,000 giveaway promotion are picked up by The Contest Queen.

Platinum Pool and Lewis Aquatech are offering people a chance to win $5,000, and the Contest Queen has noticed!

WIN $5,000 CASH!

Posted on: May 9th, 2013 by carolyn on The Contest Queen

This new contest has a few very interesting aspects to it. It’s:

open (almost) worldwide.

got an instant win scratch-off component.

posted on two Facebook pages, doubling your daily chances.

been optimised so you can also play on your smartphone.

I love using clever promotions to help you increase your odds of winning along with having fun and supporting the sponsor. Let’s look at this contest from both a marketer’s perspective and an entrant’s.

First, Lewis-Aquatech and Platinum Pool (@platinum_pools) partnered together to bring you a fantastic giveaway. It makes good business sense, as their services beautifully dovetail together, plus it maximizes their promotional marketing budget. I recommend any business do this if possible.

Second, my #1 tip is always read the rules (and for companies it’s always make sure your rules are rock solid). The SHORT RULES for this contest are:


Entrants must be at least 18 years old;

Entrant cannot reside in in a country currently embargoed by the United States;

Promotion is not open to residents of New York, Florida and Quebec;

Promotion is not open to residents of countries where this type of promotion is restricted;

Where do you live? Can you enter? Normally I could, but I am now considered “a promotions agencies”


May 25, 2013.


Choice of:

Landscape Design ($5,000),

Pool Services ($5,000),

or $5,000 cash.

Did you notice you have your choice of prize? I know we could all use the cash, but my backyard is a wee bit sad. I would be tempted to have it transformed into an oasis. What would you pick?

Third, many of us have limited time to enter, so the fact you can enter on your smartphone is fantastic. Have a list of contests you can enter on-the-go, so when you are standing in line at the bank, or waiting in the dentist office, you can squeeze in a few entries. It’s the modern version of filling out 3x5s any time, any place. (This is where the marketers must ensure all their sweepstakes are optimizes for mobile devices, whether it be a tablet or smartphone, as entrants are on-the-move.)

So what are you waiting for? START ENTERING!!

Enter on Lewis-Aquatech’s Facebook page here.

Enter on Platinum Pool Facebook page here.