Take a glimpse into the largest indoor water park in the world

Take a glimpse into the largest indoor water park in the world

Tropical Island Resort The Worlds Largest Indoor Water Park

from The Richest

Tropical Island Resort, located south of Berlin Germany, is the worlds largest indoor water park. It is a virtual tropical paradise where people can go to get away, lay on the beach, or hang out underneath the canopy of a small man made rainforest.

Tropical Island Resort is placed inside of an old world war 2 air hanger. It is the largest standing open structure in the world without supporting barriers. Until 200 this giant hanger was used to manufacture large aircrafts.

Tropical Island Resort is the home of the largest indoor rainforest in the world. There are numerous bars, restaurants, beaches, and swimming pools. It open all days of the year and 24 hours a day.

There are many options for visitors to stay overnight. There are tents in which you can have a unique camping experience in. There are also a plethora of different choices in terms of lodging. There are standard rooms, comfort rooms, premium rooms, designer rooms, and package rooms. There are also rental apartments and rental homes outside of the dome.

There are several different themed areas in the Tropical Island Resort dome. There is the tropical village with duplicates of actual building is Thailand, Samoa, and Bali. There is the rainforest area with over 50,000 plants and 600 different species of plants. There is the tropical sea, where the water is 82 degrees and designed to look like the waters of a coral reef. Finally there is the Bali Lagoon, with fountains, canals, and 2 water slides. The water temperature in the Bali Lagoon is 90 degrees.

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