What is a swimming pool heat pump?

What is a swimming pool heat pump?

Swimming Pool Heat Pump: Pool Heaters 101

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Unless you live in a very warm climate, heating your swimming pool at certain times of the year is necessary to keep swimmers comfortable and maximize enjoyment. Over the next few posts we will be featuring a mini-blog series discussing all the different types of swimming pool heaters, today we will talk about a swimming pool heat pump.

When it comes to heating your swimming pool, a pool heat pump is an incredibly environmentally friendly and efficient way to do it. Heat pumps are cost-effective, eco-friendly, reliable, energy efficient, and speedy.

What is a Swimming Pool Heat Pump?

A pool heat pump, is a swimming pool heater that absorbs heat from the air surrounding the unit and transfers that heat into your pool water. Heat pumps are sometimes considered a cross between a solar heater and an electric heater.

How does a pool heat pump work?

Pool Heat Pumps are powered by electricity but as the sun heats the air around the heat pump it is able to absorb that heat and transfer it to the pool water. Though powered by electricity, heat pumps actually run on very little electricity making them a very inviting choice for pool owners who want to keep things as “green” as possible. The only swimming pool heater that is better for the environment is a solar heater but you may find those to be far less efficient.

Benefits of a Pool Heat Pump

Not only are they environmentally friendly, swimming pool heat pumps are also very cost effective. Though the initial cost may be more when comparing to a gas or electric heater, the cost to operate a swimming pool heat pump and the energy savings it provides will quickly payoff.

Most pool owners who use a heat pump find that they are very reliable and easy to use. At Sunplay, we carry UltraTemp Heat Pumps by Pentair. The Pentair UltraTemp Heat Pumps come standard with an AutoSet feature that continuously monitors water temperature and turns the pump on and off as needed to maintain optimum water temperature while conserving energy. The UltraTemp’s also feature a titanium heat exchanger that assures corrosion free performance for added life and value.

If you are looking for a cost-effective, energy efficient, reliable pool heat pump, a UltraTemp Heat Pump from Sunplay may be just right for you!