Pool Exercises and Water Workouts

Pool Exercises and Water Workouts

The Therapeutic Power of Water Exercise

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Pool Exercises and Water Workouts

Aquatic exercise is sweeping the nation as one of the best ways to strengthen your body and lose weight! Exercising in water gives you a greater range of motion to maximize your muscle toning results!

The muscles through your whole body get a more intense workout due to water’s natural resistance; 12 times the resistance of air!

The low-impact effect of water fitness puts very little strain on the bones and joints while allowing you to use water’s natural resistance to strengthen your muscles. This makes water aerobics an ideal activity for anyone going through physical therapy, those with joint injuries, pregnant women. Great for active, older persons.

The AquaJogger Fitness System provides the perfect equipment to make your pool workouts more effective! Pool Noodles are also used for a number of easy pool fitness exercises.

AquaJogger belt keeps your body suspended in the water allowing you to freely perform water exercises. You will want to maintain good posture during your workouts and the AquaJogger will help you do just that!

DeltaBells maximize by providing extra resistance to strengthen and tone your upper body. Triangular design adjusts water resistance so you can comfortably tone your muscles at your own pace.

AquaRunners footwear tones and strengthens your lower body by adding extra resistance to your feet. Resistance footwear increases your cardio workout. Feel the burn!

AquaJogger Water Workout

There are so many great pool workouts you can do with the Aqua Jogger system! Here’s a collection of some of my favorite water exercises to do with the AquaJogger water fitness gear.

Water Running and Walking

The most common of pool exercises is simply Water Running and Walking. The AquaJogger belt helps keep your body elevated in the water and supports your back. This gives you optimal posture and range to run in place in your pool. The extra resistance of the water will make running much more intense than if you were to run outside of the pool. It’s amazing how much you can boost your cardio workout with just water! Amp-up your water jogging workout by wearing the AquaRunner footwear!

Cross Country Ski Water Workout

One of the most powerful aquatic exercises is the Cross Country Ski. This exercise utilizes heavy resistance, which works all of the major muscles in the body. This pool exercise, done often, will help you lose weight, tone muscle and increase flexibility. To begin, extend your left leg forward and your right leg behind you. Your right arm should be extended forward and your left arm behind you. Begin alternating your legs and arms to the front and back. For additional resistance in your arms and legs, you can utilize the DeltaBells and the AquaRunners.

Tires – Leg Water Workout

Tone and strengthen your legs with the Tires exercise; a move that imitates doing drills of hopping through tires in a boot camp. Keep your posture straight and your arms horizontal. Then, with your legs turned out and feet out, alternate pushing down with each leg and quickly pulling your leg back up.

The AquaRunner footwear will amplify your workout by making it harder for you to push and pull your legs. They can add a whole new level to your lower body work out and keep your legs in great shape!

Breast Stroke Arms Water Workout

The power of water’s natural resistance can keep your upper body working hard as you push and pull your arms through the water. A great exercise to work those shoulder and chest muscles is the Breast Stroke Arms water routine. With the use of the foam DeltaBells, you can create extra resistance while moving your arms through the water. Hold the DeltaBells out in front of your body, extending your arms all the way out. Keep your elbows straight. Sweep your arms out to your sides. You will feel the resistance of the water. Return your arms back in front of you and repeat.

Bicep Curls Exercise

Feel the burn in your arms by utilizing the DeltaBells to do Curls. DeltaBells provide the perfect amount of resistance you need to tone your arms. Their triangular shape is designed so that you can control how much resistance you are comfortable with. To do a proper set of curls, keep your elbows bent and your upper arms held straight down at your sides. Alternate pulling the weights down into the water and lifting them back up. You can choose to grip the weights palm up or palm down.

Jack Knife Abs Workout

Assume a comfortable reclined position with your feet at the surface of the water. Keep your legs straight. Using your abdominal muscles, curl forward to your knees. Recline back and repeat the process. You can keep your arms extended in front of you or keep them held at your chest. Hold the DeltaBells for added resistance.The AquaJogger allows you to stay suspended in the water so you can perform more beneficial workouts. Try wearing the AquaJogger to do the Jack Knife abs workout. With the posture and range that the AquaJogger gives you, you can get an amazing abs workout!

Pool Noodle Water Workout

The old pool noodle has multiple uses, one of which is to provide floatation and stability during water workouts. Here’s a small sample of just a few exercises you can do with a pool noodle.


Lay out flat in the water, with your toes hooked onto a ladder tread or safety rope. Extend your body fully, stretching your legs and arms in opposit directions. While lifting your head out of water with a deep breath, push down on the noodle, while keeping your body straight (like a plank of wood). Hold the position, and exhale as your allow the noodle to float up again.


Hold your pool noodle with arms shoulder width apart, while standing in chest deep water. take a deep breath and push the pool noodle beneath the water while keeping locked arms. Lift one leg straight back behind you, keeping your knee locked. Exhale as you relax your arms and lift your head, bringing your leg back to the starting position. Repeat for the opposite leg.


Hold onto the pool noodle with both hands, with your elbows resting comfortably. Take a deep breath and raise your knees up to the chest. Hold the pose, and slowly exhale as you bring your legs vertical again. Twisting your legs will add a workout to the obliques.


Wrap the noodle around your back with your elbows resting on the noodle and your hands gripping each end. Lean forward with a running motion and drive your knees toward the surface. Alternate between fast, low drives and longer, slower high drives.

The next time you think about joining a gym or spending a fortune on tons of fitness equipment, just think about all of the great muscle building workouts you can do in your own pool with three basic pieces of water exercise equipment or just a Pool Noodle! Melt that fat away and tone those muscles in the comfort of your swimming pool!

Get the most out of your pool this year and imagine the near future – a slimmer, stronger you!