What do you know about swimming pool stains and their removal?

What do you know about swimming pool stains and their removal?

Swimming Pool Stain Removal

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Several conditions can lead to unsightly and embarrassing pool stains, including acidic water, alkaline water, leaves, algae, or metal objects left in the pool. But because stains can occur as a result of a combination of factors, it’s often a challenge to pinpoint the exact cause of the stain.

Stains in swimming pools are like stains in clothing. With the proper procedure, most stains, even the ugliest ones, can be removed. Since some pool stains are permanent, however, there is no guarantee that you will be satisfied with the final outcome when you try to remove them. For this reason, a topical stain test kit is recommended before beginning any stain reduction procedure.

A topical test kit takes the guesswork out of stain removal. This will help prevent you from attempting a potentially costly pool stain reduction procedure that does not provide satisfactory results. Before using your stain test kit, test your pool water and ensure that it is properly balanced. This will help you determine which stain removal product you need and exactly how much stain remover to use.

Also, if your pool is less than one year old, or is still covered by a manufacturer’s warranty, you should check with the manufacturer before attempting to remove any stains. The warranty may cover the removal of pool stains, and it is important that the pool builder agrees with the stain removal procedure you follow to prevent having the remainder of your warranty voided.

During the stain reduction process, all pool heaters must be bypassed. The process will create an acidic environment and could damage the heating system. Most stain removal treatments are not recommended for older pools with copper plumbing, so be sure to consult a specialist if this describes your swimming pool.

Finally, it is possible for an old leak to resurface during a pool stain removal procedure. This is typically caused by removing scale that is currently plugging a small leak in the plumbing or pool equipment. In the unlikely event that this occurs, you will need to locate and fix the leak. The only way to prevent this from occurring is to not attempt to remove the stain.

Do-it-yourself stain removal products are usually an effective way to get rid of pool stains, and they are certainly easier and cheaper than draining and acid-washing your pool. Just be sure your water is balanced, use a topical stain test kit, and follow the directions on your stain removers carefully.