Therapaws uses swimming pool water therapy to help ailing dogs

Therapaws uses swimming pool water therapy to help ailing dogs

Check out this video from Therapaws from the U.K.  Canine Hydrotherapy can have significant benefit in aiding your dogs healing and recovery rate after surgery or injury, increasing the chances of a successful return to full fitness and improved quality of life for dogs suffering with degenerative conditions.  

From Therapaws website, which can be viewed here :

Welcome to Therapaws, Canine Hydrotherapy Rehabilitation Centre that is conveniently located in Bracknell Berkshire. At Therapwas we have a Canine Hydrotherapist in the pool with your dog at all times. Our mission is to offer a unique service to our clients and referring vets. Above all we will work hard to ensure all our clients are made as comfortable as possible. We make every effort to create a relaxed, enjoyable environment so that we create a sense of trust from both the dog and their owner.

Because Canine hydrotherapy at Therapaws is a form of rehabilitation, your dog may only receive this treatment with a signed referral form from your veterinary surgeon. In order for us to contact your vet for approval to swim please complete our form by Clicking here to download the client registration form. Remember to sign and date the form and return it to us either in person, fax, email or post.

It is important for us to receive information from your vets so that we can put together a tailor-made treatment plan for rehabilitation. In addition to your vet we also work closely with an ACPAC Category A Physiotherapist and the Galen Therapy Centre who also advise on swimming rehabilitation plans and land exercises.