New Federal Energystar guidlines are set for swimming pool pumps

New Federal Energystar guidlines are set for swimming pool pumps

New Energy Star Standards Set for Pool Pumps

With an energy efficient pool pump, a typical pool owner could save $160 per year in energy costs.

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The Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency have set new Energy Star criteria for pool pumps, giving pool-owning American shoppers better information to use before making an important purchase. Energy Star-rated pool pumps will use at least 30% less energy, on average, than the typical model on the market today. Some will use 72% less. The estimated cost savings from operating an efficient pool pump is $160 per year, meaning a typical consumer will recoup the greater cost of purchase within fewer than three years; after that, the savings from saved energy is like found money.

The United States has more than 5 million in-ground pools, and another 150,000 are built annually. If all pool pumps in the U.S. met the new specification, the energy saved would be equivalent to removing 140,000 vehicles from the road.

One seemingly simple innovation incorporated into Energy Star-rated pumps is variable speed, since conventional pumps typically operate at the highest speed, even during times, such as during filtration, when half speed is sufficient. Slower speeds also mean quieter operation.

Now, it’s up to manufacturers to submit products for approval, so that consumers can take advantage of the new labeling program. For more information, visit