9 Benefits to Owning a Swimming Pool & Spa

9 Benefits to Owning a Swimming Pool & Spa

From the Northeast Spa and Pool Association

Owning your very own swimming pool and spa is never about one single thing like

exercise or entertainment, but about so much more. Your new pool and spa will reward you from the first day that you switch on the pumps and filters to “fire up” the system and for the many trouble-free years that you use it. In fact, builders of the Northeast Spa and Pool Association have identified no less than 9 ways that your swimming pool and spa benefits you including…

Family togetherness. There is nothing like a swimming pool to bring the family together. It is an ever-present amenity that’s ready for a spur of the moment gathering or a long-planned party. It’s perfect for an afternoon barbecue or a long night under the stars. If you are always wondering where the kids are, build that pool and spa this year and you will know exactly where they are and you will get to know all of their friends as well.

Promote health. Many pool customers of the builders of the Northeast Spas & Pool Association have told them that exercise was not on their radar when they first purchased their new pool and spa. As time went on, it became more important. It offers cardiovascular and health benefits to so many members of the family at different times in their lives.

Boost property value. Does a pool and spa in your back yard add to the value of your home? The answer is–it all depends. If the pool and spa are properly designed and executed by an experienced pool builder, it absolutely can increase the value of your home, according to a study by the National Association of Realtors (NAR). In fact, it can add a whopping eight percent to the home’s value.

Lifestyle. The great thing about owning a pool and spa is that it fits your lifestyle exactly as you want it to. Got a big family and lots of kids? It is the place to go as long as a responsible adult is always watching the little ones. Are you an exercise freak? Nothing beats your own backyard pool for getting fit. Want a romantic getaway for you and your significant other? You got that too!

Recreation. One of the great lures of the swimming pool and spa is its endless capacity for recreation of various kinds. There is swimming and in-pool sports as well as a potpourri of other activities perfect for the pool and back yard.

Convenience. As mentioned above, one benefit that sets the pool and spa apart from anything else you can buy, other than perhaps your main residence, is its convenience. The pool and spa are there for your immediate gratification whether it is the early morning, before-work swim; the come-home-after-work and pop into the spa with a cold drink; and everything else in between. The cabin in the woods takes hours to get to; the boat is a big commitment; and the RV “demands” that you travel for hours and days to somewhere before you get to relax.

Stress reduction. The swimming pool and spa are not specifically designed as anti-anxiety medicine, but if you give them a chance to work their magic that is what you are likely to achieve. A brisk swim to get your heart racing, followed by a relaxing soak in a spa at 104 degrees F. may not eliminate all of your stress and worry, but it will help!

Beautiful aesthetics. The swimming pool and spa and the entire poolscape, if designed and executed properly by a qualified swimming pool builder, will be a little piece of paradise in your back yard. Even in a Northeast setting, the well-done pool and spa can be a little piece of tropical paradise replete with waterfalls, grotto and dramatic plantings.

Entertainment. Along with recreation, one of the often-mentioned reasons to own a swimming pool and spa today is its entertainment value. The pool and spa can be a setting for the elegant party, the casual barbecue, people over to watch the ballgame on the outdoor flat-screen TV, the teenage party and the extended family gatherings.

Got other benefits that we overlooked? Add them in your comments below. While you are at it, check out this link on our website to find a great builder or qualified service professional near you.