How to ensure that your Pet is safe around your swimming pool

How to ensure that your Pet is safe around your swimming pool

by Kelly Boudreau, Water Safety Magazine

Most pets love the water and are eager to jump in after a toy. With summer quickly approaching, many people plan to take their pets to the pool, on the boat, or to the beach. Keep in mind these pet water safety tips while enjoying fun in the sun with your four-legged friend.

The following pet water safety tips can be applied to swimming pools, hot tubs, boating, and beaches:

When the pool is not in use, cover it with a pool safety cover. Safety covers can be walked on and will prevent your pets from falling (or jumping) in and becoming trapped in

the pool or tangled in a winter cover.

Pets fatigue easily and have poor depth perception in the water. Be aware of your pet’s breathing patterns and whether they seem to be too tired to swim. You should always be there to assist your pets when they want to get out of the water. Finding pool steps or pool ladders can be difficult for an animal, so NEVER leave your pet unattended in the pool.

Pet’s body temperatures are different than ours, so be aware of the dangers of hypothermia. Some pet symptoms of hypothermia are dilated pupils, pale or blue gums, decreased heart and respiratory rate, or shivering. If you think your pet may have hypothermia, wrap the pet in a blanket, fill water bottles with warm water to place in the blanket, and take the pet to your veterinarian as soon as possible.

If you pet spends a lot of time outside during the summer and you are worried they will fall in the pool, equip them with a pool alarm. Pool alarms can attach to your pet’s collar and alert you inside the house if they come in contact with water. These pool alarms will work for lakes, ponds, pools and out on the boat!

Water causes your pet’s fur to lie flat and expose their skin to the sun. Just like our skin gets sunburnt, so can your pet’s. If you know your pet is going to get his or her fur wet, you should rub them down with sunscreen in any sun-exposed places.

Have your pet wear a dog life vest when boating, at the beach or at the pool. Dog life vests will keep your pet afloat and be an extra sense of security for you and your animal. Dog life vests are made for animals of all sizes.

You should NEVER allow your pet in the hot tub or spa. These high temperatures are too hot for any pet and they can quickly overheat. Dogs and cats do not sweat like we do and their panting will not be enough to remove the excess heat from their bodies.

These are just a few of many pet safety tips to keep in mind this summer. Our pets are a part of our families and keeping them safe is a priority. Playing in the water with your pet can be fun and safe at the same time!