Time for a swimming pool party! Here are some great party ideas!

Time for a swimming pool party! Here are some great party ideas!

Some pool party tips!

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Having a swimming pool means you have instant access to a party hot-spot. Summer may not be in your sights just yet, but it will be here before you know it and what better way to kick off the season than with a swimming pool party? Once your swimming pool service contractor has opened the pool and balanced the water chemicals, you’re ready to invite friends and family.

What do you need for a great pool party?

The pool!

Beach balls, rafts, pool noodles, volley ball net

Decorations for your themed party, party food and beverages, chairs and towels

It’s that simple!

If you’re searching for ideas for that great pool party kick off, here are some ideas the swimming pool service providers at X-Pools have put together for you:

A jungle pool party. Cluster plants around the deck as a way to make it more secluded and mysterious. Set up games for the children that could be as simple as “water snake races” in which they swim in the pool with their pool noodles. “Go fish” where you can drop plastic fish in the water and the child that gathers the most wins. Offer a chance to run around the yard on an adventure safari. Hide plastic jungle animal figures in the yard and send them on a scavenger hunt.

Ahoy Matey – a pirate pool party. Provide treasure maps to the children when they arrive and hide “treasure” in the yard, make sure to tell the kids they don’t have to dig for it! Offer chocolate coin treasures as snacks. If you want to keep the chocolate out of the water, have the kids swap the coins for party treats such as ice cream or frozen snacks. They can play “walk the plank” by simply walking off the end of the diving board. Toss treasure into the water and the child that finds the most “wins.”

Beach party! A standard beach party can be had right in your backyard. Get a child sized plastic pool and fill it with sand. Blow up some beach balls and have them in the pool. Play water polo, Marco Polo, volley ball with the beach balls and a net you’ve strung across the water.

The foods you serve can either match the theme or can be simple summer favorites such as hot dogs and hamburgers, salads and finger foods such as chips, crudités and fruit salads. Don’t forget the adults in the party planning and set aside an area where the adults can relax and mix and mingle and enjoy adult beverages while the children embrace the fun summer months ahead!