Here are some great active swimming pool games to play with your family this summer

Here are some great active swimming pool games to play with your family this summer

5 Active Swimming Pool Games

from Guardian Pool Fence

Marco Polo

This has to be an all time classic pool game. I remember playing this for hours when I was little. One player is “it” and she must close her eyes while everyone scatters. Then after 1 minute she calls out, “Marco,” to which the remaining players must answer back, “Polo”. She uses the answers to try locate the other other players by sound. She can keep calling out “Marco” as often as she likes and the other players must keep answering back “Polo”. As soon as the “Marco” person tags one of the “Polo”players, the tagged player becomes the new “it” person who calls out “Marco.”

There is also a “fish out of water” twist to the game so that “Polo” players may actually get out of the water but if the “Marco” player calls “fish out of water” that counts as a tag for anyone who is out of the pool. We always liked to play with this extra twist to switch things up a bit and it is also good for less strong swimmers to be able to sneak a break from the swimming.


Racing is always a fun game for kids. Have them race with several different swimming strokes to see who is the fastest at each.

Object Collection

There are lots of specialized tools like diving sticks and rings that you can use for this game. If you don’t have any special pool toys, you can always use coins. That is what we did when I was a kid. Someone throws in a bunch of pool objects and everyone races to fetch out as many as they can and me the player with the most objects collected.

Follow The Leader

Kids can take turns being the leader and performing water feats and seeing if the others can keep up. From cannon balls to water flips it requires some imagination and gets kids trying new things.


This game is great for adults and older kids. It works great with a pool net and volleyball but you can always improvise if you need to. This game is great exercise and fun all rolled into one. Just pick a score to play until and follow the traditional volleyball rules.

Always remind your kids to use proper water safety tips. Pack a picnic and enjoy an afternoon at the swimming pool playing games. Do you know any good swimming pool games you want to share?


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