11 Reasons to buy a robotic pool cleaner

11 Reasons to buy a robotic pool cleaner

11 Reasons to Buy a Robotic Pool Cleaner Infographic

by Matt Giovanisci, Swim University

My father and I spent a better part of our summers manually vacuuming our above ground pool, even on days we didn’t use it. I can remember the sweat dripping down my face, soaking my clothes — as if I had actually been swimming — while standing on the edge of pool wall, slowly pushing the vacuum pole in ungodly hot temperatures.

It was a nightmare! If only we had an automatic pool cleaner. This is why I highly recommend investing in one — unless you enjoy sweating near a pool.

However, not all automatic pool cleaners are the same. In fact, there are three types: suction, pressure and robotic. This infographic highlights the reasons why you should consider a robotic pool cleaner for yourself. I can assure you that once you go robotic, you’ll never go back.

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