United Aqua Group Introduced as New Identity for Corporate Parent of Aquatech Pools, AquaCommercial and AquaValue

United Aqua Group Introduced as New Identity for Corporate Parent of Aquatech Pools, AquaCommercial and AquaValue

The society of pool professionals to which we belong has a new identity.  The website can be found here. The press release follows:

from CNBC.com

March 27, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Aquatech Corporation, today announced the launch of United Aqua Group, a new identity for the corporate parent of its growing family of professional pool construction and retail brands: Aquatech Pools, AquaCommercial and AquaValue. The three brands will remain unique under the new identity.

The launch of United Aqua Group signifies the growth and transformation of the 50 year old, member-owned organization that has become synonymous with integrity, quality and innovation in the pool building and retail industry. The new identity is designed to showcase the company’s portfolio of brands and is reflective of its dominance in the pool industry.

“We have always had a strong identity of who we are as a company, and United Aqua Group brings together this family of strong brands. We are the most comprehensive professional member organization in the industry,” said Jeff Fausett, president and chief executive officer. “Our members build and service residential and commercial pools, own retail pool supply centers and often times build and sell through retail stores. We felt that United Aqua Group was a name that captured both our strength and sense of completeness in the market.”

Tracy Thomas, the company’s vice president of sales and marketing, said, “The new identity enables us to speak with a unified voice as an industry leader to our members and to those trusted partners who do business with our members across one or multiple United Aqua Group brands.” She continued, “More importantly, the new identity does not detract from the brands that our customers have grown to know and trust.”

About United Aqua Group

United Aqua Group is one of the nation’s largest organizations dedicated to the professional pool building and retail industry. The group is member-owned and is comprised of individually operated business owners that have been selectively qualified and are committed to upholding the highest standards of integrity, quality and service in the industry. United Aqua Group manages and operates Aquatech, AquaCommercial and AquaValue, which remain the trusted brands for residential and commercial pool design and construction and retail pool products. Headquartered in Las Vegas, United Aqua Group has more than 246 members in 46 states across the country and is widely recognized as the most prestigious, and trusted, organization in the industry. For more information, please visit www.unitedaquagroup.com.

Aquatech, AquaValue and AquaCommercial are registered trademarks of United Aqua Group.


Tracy Thomas

United Aqua Group