A new way to shed pounds using a hot tub and yoga

A new way to shed pounds using a hot tub and yoga

Yoga in Hot Water

By AQUA Editors

Adding to the growing list of ways that hot tubs can benefit a healthful lifestyle, Swim University recently released an infographic depicting techniques for what is now known as “Hot Tub Yoga.” As the name suggests, the concept is all about ways you can combine the benefits of hot water therapy with the ancient art of yoga. The graphic depicts a handful of poses with descriptions including “the wave pose,” “the half boat pose,” “the half moon pose,” and our favorite, “the pelican pose.”

Practicing yoga in a hot tub is a relatively new concept that seems to be catching on; there’s a widely viewed YouTube video featuring well-known yoga instructor Dashama. In addition, a number of hot tub manufacturers including Sundance Spas and Bullfrog Spas feature links to information about the practice on their websites. There’s also a website entirely devoted to the practice [www.hottubyogabook.com].

At the site you can purchase the book, Hot Tub Yoga, for $16.99. Appropriately, the book is waterproof – namaste!