Amazing beach pools in handmade tile from the UK

Amazing beach pools in handmade tile from the UK

The Beachcomber Pools

from craig bragdy designs

There’s something special about walking down a gently sloping beach and into the sea. No wonder so many people choose to recreate that feeling with ‘zero level’ swimming pools.

With a zero level or beach entry pool, the floor of the swimming pool begins at exactly the same level as the surrounding ground, gently sloping away into deeper water. Craig Bragdy has a wealth of experience in creating bespoke ceramics for zero level pools. As all of their ceramics are carved, sculpted and decorated by hand, they can create a completely individual look and make the floor tactile for slip resistance.

A unique feeling

Making tiles and ceramics by hand enables texture and relief to be added to each element, creating grip and sensation for paddlers and swimmers. This can be ideal for children, giving them extra confidence as they take their first steps. From matt to glossy colour, it’s possible to create a precise level of finish to meet client requirements, adding more resistance and relief depending on their needs. Craig Bragdy can make recommendations or talk clients through all the options, showing samples of finish to help them make an informed choice.

When it comes to the design of the tiles, anything is possible. Many clients opt to mimic a coastal scene. For instance, one beachfront property has pool ceramics that match the colour of the sand beyond it. Another has footprints trailing across the ceramic sand, using prints taken from the feet of clients’ children. While at yet another mixed colours, textures and patterns create an abstract look.

The freedom of swimming pool designs that these materials bring mean clients can have fun with their pool. Shells, crabs, pebbles and stones often appear in Craig Bragdy’s beach entry pools. Some add fish, which seem to float above their own shadow on the pool floor. And beyond the sand, often a coral reef or simply the deep blues and turquoises of the sea itself.

Craig Bragdy has the experience and the craftsmanship to create any scene. All the while ensuring that the hand-applied texture reflects the approved design and instills confidence in anyone stepping into the pool. Click here to see more beach swimming pool designs.

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