10 Amazing Facts About Hot Tubs

10 Amazing Facts About Hot Tubs

by swimuniversity.com

You’re spending the final hour of waning sun light in the snow-covered mountains. You’re looking south with your position surrounded by sharp mountain ridges jutting from the earth. Looking straight up, the sky is emblazoned with the deepest blue the earth can possibly conceive. As you transition your vision downward 90° you witness the earth’s atmosphere dispersing the light from the sun into shades of purple, red and orange.

The scenario is calming, erasing any fears or regrets from the day. You close your eyes to wash your vision. You open your eyes again as you hear a wolf cry in the distance and notice the last sliver of sun fall behind the mammoth rocks.

Once again, your eyes are closed. The babbling of the churning water becomes evident as you focus on the deep warmth that massages the stress from your tired-grown muscles. The water’s current moves around your body, collecting your tension as it heads off to pass. Without the hot tub, this scenario wouldn’t be complete. Without the hot tub, your euphoria would not be possible.

This hot tub is amazing.

Hot tubs, or at least the equivalency of, have a long recorded history of enjoyment by human (and other) civilization for hundreds of centuries. Now that we are all in the right state of mind, let’s take a look at 10 amazing facts to think about the next time you take a soak.

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