Think a lazy river is only for waterparks and not your backyard swimming pool? Think again!

Think a lazy river is only for waterparks and not your backyard swimming pool? Think again!

Lazy Rivers For Backyards, Resorts & Residential

Lazy Rivers For Backyards, Resorts, & Parks

Check out this very cool amenity for inground residential swimming pools that was previously offered only in commercial applications from our friends at current systems:

The Riverflow® lazy river pumps produce a broad smooth river-like current for lazy river applications.

Until recently, Lazy Rivers have been exclusively a resort or water park amenity. Typically a serpentine meander through lush foliage with an occasional swim-out or water curtained grotto. This lazy river feature which delights kids, seduces newlyweds and relaxes the rest of us is now becoming a very popular amenity for residential swimming pools. That magical sensation of weightless motion, the allure of an Island and the charm of a foot bridge are compelling elements to consider in a back yard lazy river.

Lazy River Designs

Lazy River designs have possibilities that are endless in a surprisingly small space. The Riverflow ® system used to power large resort lazy rivers is now available for residential applications. The lazy river pumps are silent with no unsightly equipment and very efficient with no jets, bubbles or high pressure turbulence. Adjustable speed and remote control allow the user great flexibility in the dynamics of the current generated by our Lazy River Pump System.

RiverFlow’s Lazy River Pumps are used by contractors all over the world to create the ultimate Lazy River designs for residential applications such as Lazy Rivers for Backyards and Apartment Complexes . Our Lazy River System has been installed at Resorts, Water Parks, and Residential Communities including private homes.