A look back at some of the cars that crashed into pools this year

A look back at some of the cars that crashed into pools this year

Car Crashes into Swimming Pool – 2012 Recap

by Rob Cox, poolcenter.com blog

In our version of the ‘Darwin Awards’ – we list some of the year’s most distracted drivers. Here’s 10 examples from 2012 of drivers who ended up driving their cars into someone’s backyard swimming pool, and some of the heros that helped save them.

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In most cases, nobody gets hurt. In some cases, most notably the Escondido accident, submersion of a few minutes leaves the occupants brain-dead.

The homeowner is left to negotiate with insurance companies and arrange for removal, repairs and clean-up. The pool is usually in need of repairs, and the oils and gasoline spilled in the pool will require draining and cleaning. The cars? Most probably a complete loss, or ‘totaled’ by the insurance company.

You would think that these pools are located on high trafficked, high speed roads, but most of these car crashes into pools occurred on residential streets with low speed limits.

If your pool is close to the street, you may want to place large landscape boulders within the path, although that may not stop these freak accidents from happening.

Good Luck – hope you don’t end up on this list for 2013!