Time lapse video documents the evolution of a swimming pool renovation

Time lapse video documents the evolution of a swimming pool renovation

This time-lapse video by Platinum Pool shows the evolution of a commercial swimming pool renovation.  This pool in Lombard, IL underwent a significant makeover, which is captured by this unique video and set to music. 

Click here to see the video on Platinum’s Youtube channel

Here is how this video came about:

Our videographer, Pasquale Ianinno from Rockitprojects helped us brainstorm some ideas for new video content.


One of the ideas that we came up with was to purchase some high-quality time lapse cameras and station them at various construction and renovation projects.


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Pasquale set up the cameras at two different angles to capture different footage.  He also checked on the cameras periodically to see that they were fully functional and that the batteries were still working.

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Pasquale then took the raw footage back to his studio and mixed it up, added the music and a title page, and some High-quality footage of the completed project at the end.  Voila!  We have our first in a series of Platinum Pool time-lapse videos!

Process Shot

Title Shot

We will be working on various types of projects with these time-lapse cameras including new residential swimming pool construction, commercial pool renovations, residential swimming pool renovations, and a very cool surprise time-lapse that will amaze you!

Here is a link to Pasquale’s blog about this event:  Click here for Rockitprojects.com blog