Hot Tub benefits that you may not have known about

Hot Tub benefits that you may not have known about

The Hot Tub – A Bubbling Bath of Positive Health Benefits

November 14, 2012 By Shelly via filbur manufacturing blog

What’s not to love about a hot tub? With its health, social, and home-improvement benefits it’s a veritable hot pot of positives. Add to that the strides that hot tub manufacturers have made in energy efficiency and environmental friendliness, and one’s hard-pressed to find a reason not to invest in what used to be considered solely a luxury item.

Health benefits are many, including relief for the 1 in every 3 Americans that suffer from arthritis. The heat, buoyancy, and massage elements exercise and relax the muscle joints, relieving pain and making daily tasks and movement in general more comfortable.

Relief for insomnia, which affects almost 60 million Americans, is another huge hot-tubbing benefit. The obvious stress relief it provides is a great sleep aid in and of itself, but there’s more to it. According to a recent study in the scientific journal Sleep, a drop in body temperature can help to ease your body into a deeper, more relaxing sleep. Therefore, it is suggested that you soak in hot water (103° F) about 90 minutes before bedtime. This causes the body’s internal thermostat to pull your temperature down, enabling sleep to set in with more ease.

Probably the most surprising benefit, though, is the effects in reducing blood sugar in Diabetes Type 2 patients. A study at McKee Medical Center reports that patients who spent 30 minutes per day in a hot tub recorded a 13% decrease in blood sugar levels, better quality sleep, and a great overall sense of well-being.

Even if you don’t suffer from one of these ailments, a hot tub is a natural aid in stress relief, blood pressure, headaches, and the acceleration of the healing process. As with any type of therapy, it is important to consult a physician before soaking in a hot tub if you have health concerns.

OK, so there’s got to be a negative, right? Well, the closest we could find is the maintenance of this bubbling tub of bliss…and that’s even a stretch as far as negatives go. This does not have to be overwhelming or difficult. My friend in the industry, Matt Giovanisci, has created a great visual guide for easy hot tub maintenance and was good enough to share it with us. And, tomorrow I’ll share it with all of you!