Hot Tub exercises for winter water fitness!

Hot Tub exercises for winter water fitness!

Hot Tub Exercises

Just because pool season is over doesn’t mean your aquatic fitness is too. You don’t need the space of a big swimming pool to get in a good workout. Spas or hot tubs provide one of the best environments for workouts and today we are going to talk about 3 different hot tub exercises.

Before You Begin Hot Tub Exercise

Adjust to Hot Tub TemperaturesBefore you begin exercising in a spa or hot tub, give yourself time to adjust to the warm temperature of the water. If you start exercising before your body adjusts to the hot tub water, you will likely feel dizzy, lightheaded, or overheated.

*If you are elderly or have health problems you should always consult a doctor before using a spa or hot tub. Hot tubs are not recommended during pregnancy.

3 Hot Tub Exercises

Aqua Fitness Barbells

1. Using water-friendly, aquatic barbells for resistance, you can get a great upper body workout while in the hot tub. With these hand-held water weights, sit yourself on a hot tub seat with the water level up to your shoulders. Work against the resistance of the water and slowly lower your arms to perform bicep curls. Slowly lower your arm underneath the water then slowly raise the aquatic barbells to the surface and repeat.

2. Sit in your hot tub seat, with the water level to your shoulders. Place both hands palm down on the hot tub seat, then slowly lift and curl your knees to your chest; repeat. This will strengthen your lower abdominal muscles and upper arms. Try to do five repetitions and rest in between exercises.

3. Exercises for improving muscle tone are very easy to perform. Simply stand in the center of the hot tub and try standing calf raises or just march in place. For arm tone you can lean against the ledge of the hot tub and try push-ups.

Hot Tub Exercise Benefits

The warm hot tub water will help your muscles relax and decrease soreness. Movement in warm water is much easier on joints and can help decrease inflammation. Warm water also helps increase blood flow and can strengthen the cardiovascular system.

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