How to open up a new backyard spa or get your backyard hot tub ready for winter use

How to open up a new backyard spa or get your backyard hot tub ready for winter use

Time to Warm Up Your Backyard Spa!

by Danielle Raffield,

My favorite time of year is finally here! Crisp, cool air, changing leaves, the smell of spiced cider and pumpkins…I love Autumn! This may be the time of year where you are ready to close your swimming pool (unless you have a heater) and thinking about purchasing a spa or hot tub–or if you already have a spa or hot tub, congratulations! Now, before you get relaxed in your spa with a glass of wine and your favorite date, let’s go through some basics for opening up your spa.

Check the Inside & Outside of Spa

First, take a look around the outside and inside of your spa. Dirt, debris and other materials should be cleaned out and around your spa. Clean spa surface and around jets with a cleaning solution made specific ally for spa cleaning. Avoid bleach or harsh chemicals as these can damage the surface of your spa. We recommend using Natural Chemistry’s Spray On Cleaner.

Check Connections and Fill It Up

Before filling your spa, make sure all the connections are inserted properly. Then, fill your spa with your garden hose, positioning the hose down near the filter (not near the middle of the tub). Keep a close eye on the water; there should be a level line on your spa, and you’ll want to fill a little above that line to help prevent airlock in your jets. Low water levels is a common reason air gets into the plumbing lines of your spa.

Get Spa Going

Turn on the electronics and walk through the initial start up. Turn on the jets when water is at the proper levels. If nothing is coming out of your jets, you have air lock in your system. An air lock happens when pockets of air prevent the jets from pushing water through the system, even though the pump is turned on. If you get an air lock, turn the pump off and loosen the fittings on either side of the pump for a few seconds to allow air to leave the system and some water to escape. Be sure to tighten the fittings prior to turning the pump back on.

Balance Water Chemistry

Test your water’s Ph and alkalinity. Minerals sometimes contained in city water can include copper, iron, sulfur and can all affect water chemistry. If needed, treat the water first with a mineral deactivation agent. We recommend Natural Chemistry’s Mineral Free.

Sanitize Water

After balancing your chemicals, the last stage before you sink into your spa should be sanitizing your water with a chlorine granular solution. A great item to upkeep your spa is Natural Chemistry’s Spa Perfect.

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