Ever wonder how large an Olympic-sized pool really is?

Ever wonder how large an Olympic-sized pool really is?

What is an Olympic-Size Pool?

How Large are Olympic-Style Swimming Pools?

By Lisa Hallett Taylor, About.com Guide

During and after the summer Olympics, people throughout the world get caught up in the thrill of the Games, the athletes and the competitions. According to the International Olympic Committee, (IOC) the star attractions of the Summer Games are athletics (jumping, throwing, and sprint, middle-distance and long-distance races) and swimming. These are the most widely followed Olympic sports in the world and also have the largest number of events and participants from different countries.

That Olympic Pool is Really Big. Like, Really Big

Indeed, the pool is large. The first Olympic swimming competitions of the “modern” Games took place in the sea or in a river. Competitions now take place in a 50-meter swimming pool, which is usually indoors.

If someone tells you they have an Olympic-size pool in their backyard, this person is either:

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