Landscape lighting tips

Landscape lighting tips

Backyard Lighting Advice


Landscape lighting in your backyard can create a visual impact as well as provide security and safety. Lighting can be done within the outside area of landscaping with plants, sculptures, structures and water.

Lighting of the landscaped plant areas can visually make an impact all year round by lighting colors of plants, grouping of plants such as hedges and also in the winter of providing a dramatic effect of lighting the interesting branch forms of trees. When choosing plants it is best to design for an all year design if the area is used or viewed from inside a house all year. Plan on different seasons of lighting the plants and trees for optimum use of light viewing. With a good plan you can have a balanced lighting scenario for night time viewing. This will help you to determine controls and also fixtures. This will also help in the plan of maintenance required in the future.

Lighting of a swimming pool creates a safe swimming environment and also can reflect a mood of relaxation or be very dramatic. With the use of LED color lighting we can use a soft light and enable the surrounding landscape lighting to highlight and focus on sculptures, plants and structures while creating a pleasant backdrop of water. With the use of waterfalls and decorative lighting accents we can make the pool the main focal point. If we use intense colors the effect can be very dramatic or provide a mysterious or calming effect. With the use of controls the mood and effect can be changed to provide an ever changing backyard experience.

Paying attention to correct use of light makes the plan work to expectations. If no thought is put into the design then it can turn your prize red roses on a trellis into looking something out of a horror movie. The color of the light produced on objects is very important in the visual of the landscape plan. If you light a colored plant with the wrong light it can look brown or black although it may be vibrant color during daylight. Also temperature on the plant could do harm and kill the plant.

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