Making a fashion statement while in your swimming pool

Making a fashion statement while in your swimming pool

Fashionable Flippers

by Mandy Acre,

High heels made for the “cat(fish)walk”

Paul Schietekat is a Belgian artist who knows how to make a splash in the combined waters of fine art and the pool industry. Originally created in 2006 as a funny comment on global warming, High Tide Heels have become a hit in Europe.

Schietekat primarily works in conceptual art, such as Surrealism or Dadaism, with Man Ray and Pierro Manzoni among his role models. He made the first edition of High Tide Heels out of a pair of his daughter’s flippers. In 2008 he created his second series, High Tide Heels Pro, which are made of polyester and certainly not wearable.

High Tide Heels were on display for a period of time at Pinsart Gallery in Belgium and have appeared in a French advertising campaign for the television channel Canal+. Schietekat has sold several pairs of the heels, but is holding on to the rest in the hopes that they will be included in future exhibitions.

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