How much ice would it take to cool down your swimming pool?

How much ice would it take to cool down your swimming pool?

by Matt Giovanisci, Swim University

July 10th, 2012

We’ve been hit with a heatwave in the US and it’s getting harder and harder to keep cool. Especially when you’re swimming pool is now 90 degrees from all that heat! What is a pool owner to do?

There are ways to cool down your swimming pool. The most practical one is to run your filter at night when the air is cooler. This will help the water to evaporate, thus making your pool a bit more refreshing in the morning.

However, that won’t drastically cool down your pool, and you’re not gonna install a water cooling system, so is there any alternative?

Of course! But it’s a bit more drastic. It’s almost humorous, but you COULD fill your pool with ice. I know it sounds a bit weird, and it is, but if you had access to large quantities of ice at a good price, then why not?

I was checking out some other pool blogs on the internet and I was reading River Pools & Spas Blog. Specifically a post titled, Record Heat Wave of 2012 Leads to Huge Increase in Swimming Pool Sales. In the comment section below the article, someone came up with an equation to determine how much ice you would need to cool down your pool depending on the size and how many degrees.

To cool down a 10,000 gallon pool only 5 degrees requires 2,187.5 pounds of ice, which is insane! However, the equation was pretty cool and I had to create an online calculator just in case you wanted to know what it would take to cool down your swimming pool.

Click here for article which includes the ice calculator