Is My Yard Swimming Pool Ready Even If it Is A Small Space?

Is My Yard Swimming Pool Ready Even If it Is A Small Space?

Is Your Yard Ready For An Inground Swimming Pool?

From Pool City

Identifying whether a yard is suitable for a swimming pool is a very imporant aspect to planning for one.  Even small yards can accommodate a swimming pool project, but there are many considerations to assess prior to planning the project.  This post from Poolcity identifies the key points that need to be addressed before a homeowner takes the plunge towards designing a swimming pool project in their own backyard.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

 When it comes to building a swimming pool, the best advice you’ll receive is to work with what you’ve got. While you certainly can’t alter the characteristics of your yard, there are certain steps that will ensure you start the planning process with the right expectations. Here are the top five ways to make your yard pool-ready.
1. Survey the Slope
Is your yard relatively flat? The more level your ground, the more options you’ll have in terms of the pool’s size and shape. Flat yards are also ideal for homeowners on a budget, as they reduce the need for retaining walls. If the yard slopes, construction becomes a challenge because the contractor must account for multi-level installation—not to mention additional construction materials and the accessibility of heavy machinery.
2. Go Underground
Chances are you haven’t thought about what’s underneath all that soil, right? Sure, you can account for the removal of sod, gravel, trees, and shrubs, but until you start digging, you may not know the whole story. Talk to neighbors who’ve gone through the process of building a pool. Did they have to blast through large rock or concrete? Did they face added excavation costs they didn’t anticipate?
3. Break out the Measuring Tape

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