Barrington, IL Pool Builders

Barrington, IL Pool Builders

Platinum Pool is an inground swimming pool builder that builds custom inground swimming pools in Barrington, IL.  

Platinum Pool offers the following pool related services in Barrington, IL:

Inground pool design and construction

Swimming Pool maintenance

Landscape design for your backyard

Here is an example of an inground swimming pool that we have built in Barrington, IL.


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Barrington, IL Swimming Pool and Raised Hot Tub


This pool in Barrington, IL measures 18’0″ x 38’0″, and has a 7’0″ raised hot tub with waterfall feature. The sunshelf is 7’0″ x 7’0″ and also doubles as the top step in a geometric step system for swimming pool ingress and egress. Limestone pool coping and brussels block pavers surround the swimming pool and landscape. The pool is protected by an automatic swimming pool cover with custom walk-on stone lid system. The deep end of the pool also features a swim out rest area for weary swimmers.

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 Platinum Pool has designed, built and serviced swimming pools not only in Barrington Hills, IL but in most of the surrounded communities of Barrington Hills, IL.

Platinum Pool has nearly 50 years of building and servicing swimming pools and spas in the Chicagoland area including Barrington Hills, IL. Every unique, high-end swimming pool design begins with a spark of desire. At Platinum Pool  we go to great lengths to get to know as much about our clients as possible. We devote an incredible amount of time collecting subtle details about our clients’ desires – both in practical and in fantasy.

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