Costs To Install an Inground Pool

Costs To Install an Inground Pool

How Much Do Inground Pools Cost?

From Royal Pools

Most people don’t have the faintest idea what a swimming pool will cost.  Furthermore, the ancillary items that drive the overall project cost such as landscape repair and improvement, decking, patio, grading, utiities, features and materials choices are usually highly misunderstood by most consumers.  This post from Royal Pools, a builder in Dyer, IN explains the process and the items that are the components of the overall cost.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

 If you where to type “what is the cost of an inground swimming pool” into google. You would come across an overwhelming amount of answers. The process of purchasing a swimming pools is very similar to building a brand new home or even buying a new car. The styles of pools vary, the options are neverending and each pool contractor has different pool packages and products, just as a house or a new car. So when I set out to write this article, I wanted to make it a point to lay down as much information as I possibly could while pairing into an installation package. Alright, I do want to point out, just like a house or even a car the price does vary. Depending on region, type of pool / product and which builder you choose. So relative to the region I live in, which is the midwest portion of the US, in particular, we build swimming pools in Northwest Indiana and portions of the Chicago land. My price ranges will be relative to my area! By the way I do know for a fact that midwest prices can be very similar to other regions in the country. Please dont think that this article will not help you out if you do not live in this region. The types of swimming pools we install are fiberglass and vinyl liner. The products I use will be listed out with size and brand as they are in our “pool package.” I know that purchasing a swimming pool is a very overwhelming process. It is my goal to lay out a real life pool package for you paired with different styles of pools, to give you the most transparent answer I possibly could. Instead of you getting caught up on the web spinning in circles dying to find answers. Lets dive in!
What is included in your pool installation package?

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