Hidden Water Pool vs. Above Ground Pool

Hidden Water Pool vs. Above Ground Pool

Hidden Water Pool Cost Vs. Above Ground Pool Cost

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Lately our posts have been comparing inground pools to above ground pools, and wondering if this is actually a fair comparison.  This post takes this thought exercise even further, comparing the above ground pool to one of the most unique swimming pool innovations in the last half-century: The Hidden Water Pool.  Utilizing a movable pool floor, this pool automatically converts to a baby pool, a plunge pool, or a deck.  Whether this is a fair comparison is up to the reader to decide, as the costs are vastly different.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

 Hidden Water Pool Cost Vs. Above Ground Pool Cost


It used to be that homes with a swimming pool were much coveted. Now, swimming pools have become the norm and the next greatest thing in swimming pool technology is the hidden water pool. While the hidden water pool cost is a bit more than an in-ground swimming pool, it is quite a bit pricier than the above ground pool cost. The above ground pool is the cheapest option when deciding to add a pool, however, the aesthetics of an above ground pool is not as pleasing as an in-ground pool or a hidden water pool.



Hidden water swimming pools are the elitist of all swimming pools. A decorative concrete base emerges from the bottom of the pool and forms a solid cover or an extension of the patio. The water within the pool is in a reservoir that keeps it from being constantly exposed to the harmful, pH changing rays of the sun.

The installation of a hidden water pool involves excavating the area where the pool will be set and then laying the bed where the pool will sit. Once the area is fully excavated, then the pool is built, the base is then wired and set in place to ensure that it fits properly. With the flip of a switch, the base can be raised or lowered. By raising or lowering the base, the depth of the pool can be 1 inch or it can be 6 feet, depending on what the homeowner wishes at that time.

The average cost of a hidden water pool is $25,000 to $65,000. This cost can also be higher depending on where the pool is being set. The maintenance cost of a hidden water swimming pool is much lower than in-ground pools or above ground pools. They do not require monthly chemical checks as the pH balance is not compromised by constant exposure to the sun.

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