Buying An Inground Pool Guide

Buying An Inground Pool Guide

First Time Pool Buyers

From Radiant Pools

Making the decision to install a swimming pool in one’s backyard is always an exciting event.  Once the initial thrill subsides, the real work begins, which can be an intimidating experience.  Luckily, this post from Radiant Pools provides a first-time swimming pool buyers guide that will help alleviate the anxiety of this experience.  

Here is an excerpt from the post:

 hings to Consider When Deciding on a Pool:

Choosing a pool is no easy decision – these days there’s a swimming pool that’s right for virtually every
individual or family looking to add the distinct lifestyle advantage of a backyard vacation to their home or
property. So how do you decide which works best for you? The answer isn’t easy, because there are considerations
that make each pool an attractive option. Generally, the aboveground versus semi or inground decision
relies on four basic factors:

Budget: While either type of pool can add both aesthetic and intrinsic value to your home, there is
a significant price difference between most aboveground and inground options. Aboveground pools
generally cost less than semi-inground and inground pools as the expense of ground preparation
and other materials is much less.

Installation and Style: What kind of landscape do you have? Is your yard on a slope? Is the terrain rocky?
Do you have deed or neighborhood restrictions? It’s very important to consider all your limitations as well
as the possibilities when planning your backyard pool.  It’s always
best to know what you can and can’t do before you make your investment.

Size and Shape: When adding a swimming pool, you must consider two areas: The available lot space on your
property for the addition of a pool, and the area of the pool itself in relation to that space. Are there any local
zoning limitations to consider? How will the pool look once installed? Will the pool be a pleasing addition to
your existing lot, or will it completely dominate your available space?

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