In Ground Pool Comparisons

In Ground Pool Comparisons

Above Ground vs Inground: It’s Not Just About Cost

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Most people aren’t making a choice between an inground pool and an aboveground pool due to the gap in cost.  This article makes the comparison nevertheless, as there are some clear differences between the two products.  Should someone actually consider an inground pool versus an above ground pool, the differences extend to more than the cost of the products, as the article explains.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

 Should I get an above ground pool or an inground pool? It’s a question every would-be pool owner has to answer if they want to get anywhere in their quest for backyard bliss.

According to the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals, there are about 5 million inground pools in the United States, compared to about 3.5 million above ground pools. However, the market for above ground pools (aka onground pools) has grown faster in recent years. In short, people are pretty divided on what type of pool to get.

Of course, for many people, there is no choice because an inground pool doesn’t fit their budget. But for others, the decision is tough – and it involves a lot more than just dollar figures. Here are some of the factors to consider when deciding on the right pool for you and your family.

Installation Cost

We like to harp on the fact that inground pool prices vary a lot. The same is true of above ground pools, which can range from a hundred dollars or less, to tens of thousands. However, one thing we can state with certainty is that an inground swimming pool is far more expensive than a comparable above ground pool. In fact, for the cost of an inground pool on the low end of the scale, you can probably get a top-of-the-line above ground pool – and still have money left over to throw your first pool party.


With pool walls extending above ground, a stationary above ground pool has a built-in safety feature that’s lacking in inground pools. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, well over half of fatal drownings happen in inground pools (another 10% happen in portable above ground pools, which include inflatable and plastic kiddie pools). That said, details do matter. While above ground pools might be statistically safer, an inground pool with thoughtful safety features (including a fence) is less likely to be the scene of an accident than an unsecured onground pool.

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