In Ground Pool Cost

In Ground Pool Cost


From River Pools and Spas

Truth be told, this is not even a fair comparision, as the above ground pool is so different from the concrete inground pool that they are not even in the same ballpark.  The inground vinyl liner pool is a closer cousin to the above ground pool, but even the vinyl liner has so many key differences than an above ground pool that it really is a stretch to compare them. Nevertheless, this post from River Pools and Spas does do a great job in presenting the key differences between these vastly different products, and sheds some light on the entire subject admirably.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

 With the summer upon approaching rapidly, many folks out there are debating whether or not they should go with an underground pool (aka “inground”) or one that sets on top the ground.

So for the sake of all you out there that are having this debate, here are some points to consider:

Underground vs. Aboveground Cost:

In most cases, inground pools—be it vinyl, concrete, or fiberglass—are going to cost, on average, between 30-70k. Although this is a very big range, it’s an honest and realistic one.

You may have seen an underground pool advertised for “$14,999!” in your local paper, but I can assure you that anyone doing this is being very, very dishonest in giving you a true picture as to what to expect. In other words, although the pool body itself may just cost $14,999 to be installed, I can assure you the following is not included:

Patio/Decking around the pool
Electrical Hookup
Accessories (Like salt chlorine generators, heaters, covers, etc.)
Obviously, the size, options, and type of pool are going to greatly impact where you fall in this “average” range, but 30-70k is a good start.

When purchasing an above ground pool, there are 3 main cost areas:

The price of the kit itself (normally 3-7k)
The price of the installation (typically 1-5k)
The price of the pool surround/decking (if any)
In other words, most above ground pools, installed, cost 4-12k, not including any decking at all. And as you might imagine, decking often times will cost more than the pool itself, especially if you’re looking to surround much of the structure itself.

Inground vs. Above Ground Pool Size

Believe it or not, an above ground pool can be every bit as large, if not larger, than an inground pool. For example, a 30’ round above ground pool actually has more area than a 18×36 inground pool. Notwithstanding, with an above ground you’re generally limited to one uniform depth throughout

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