Pool Cost Estimator

Pool Cost Estimator


Pool Cost Estimator

Ever wish there was simple way to get a rough idea of a swimming pool build cost?  Well, your prayers have been answered!  This handy inground swimming pool cost estimator from Custom Outdoor Trends walks you through a simple question and answer exam to ascertain the fine details that will drive the cost of any swimming pool and outdoor living project, and will spit out a rough estimate.  Obviously, this will be just a starting point in the overall planning and budgeting process, but no less handy to start!

From Custom Outdoor Trends

Here is an excerpt from the post:

If you have no idea what to budget for your new pool, please have some fun with our free pool pricing calculator below.

Use this calculator as a rough estimate tool only.

Let’s start with a steel and gunite structure with standards that exceed city codes. Then, we’ll add a circulation system that includes multiple independent skimmers, the latest safety technology, highly efficient pumps and plumbing schematics, and a Polaris pressure side cleaner. Steps and a couple benches are included; the rest is up to you.

Yard Characteristics

Do you think we can we access your yard with a large dump truck (approximately 13′ wide) if we take down a portion of your fence? If an existing retaining wall, property boundary or severe slope may prevent that type of access, choose ‘No’ and we will simply use smaller equipment.

Yes No

Estimate the slope of the yard in the area where the pool will be built:

Do we need to haul away anything such as tree stumps or an existing concrete patio?
Yes No

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