Swimming Pool Buying Guide

Swimming Pool Buying Guide

Swimming Pool Buyers Guide

From Rising Sun Pools

Once one decides that you want to have the experience of an inground swimming pool in your yard, one is faced with a seemingly monumental task.  The planning, budgeting, engineering and everything else associated with construction project can be daunting for even the most seasoned professional.  Wouldn’t it be great if there was a step by step guide to help you through the process?  Rising Sun Pools presents this post that does that very thing!

Here is an excerpt from the post:

First Steps: Planning
Planning is the most important part of any pool project: swimming pools vary in size and shape, but it’s important that the size of your yard meets the requirements for your pool design. This saves many headaches later on.

Shallow pools with a max depth of 4 to 5 feet are becoming quite popular. These pools are great for water sports (water polo, basketball, volleyball, etc.). If you want to be able to dive, you’ll need a pool of at least 8 feet – contact your pool builder and manufacturer for complete safety information on pool diving.

Pool designs are making it easier than ever to blend your pool into the landscaping of your yard. Naturally shaped pools made to look like outdoor ponds and other “free-form” pools, easily lend themselves to your landscaping. Or you can always stick with the classic rectangle, square and oval shapes, which never go out of style.

Choosing Your Materials

Shapes and materials go hand in hand. Some shapes can only be produced using Vinyl liners. Understanding the differences, both in construction and price, is the next step to building the pool of your dreams!

Vinyl lined pools have helped to reduce the cost of pool construction. That’s because pools are built with prefabricated metal/steel or plastic frames that are set into a pre dug hole and reinforced with concrete footings and wall braces. The easy assembly makes these pools less costly – nearly half the price of a concrete pool! There are a number of “standard” sizes and shapes available, and builders are able to do custom designs as well.


You may have seen fiberglass pool shells; we have a few sitting outside our showrooms. They are made in the shape of of the pool and delivered to the jobsite in one piece, then lowered into the ground by a crane.

Pricing of a fiberglass pool is usually 30-40% higher than vinyl pools, but over time require less maintenance, reducing the overall lifetime cost of your pool.


Instead of using liners, Concrete pools use a combination of concrete and plaster. Excavation of the property is necessary, but these pools provide a wide variety of creative options – from waterfalls to custom steps. These pools are usually at the highest end of the pool price range.

Due to the custom nature of these pools, it can often take 60-90 days to build. Most Concrete pool projects start at 40,000.

Concrete pools

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