How To Close A Pool For The Winter

How To Close A Pool For The Winter

How to Close An Inground Pool in 6 Steps

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It seems like it is too early to start thinking about closing up a swimming pool for the winter, as Summer hasn’t even officially started yet and most pools aren’t even operable in the Northeast and Midwest.  This post from Matt Giovansci proves, however, that it is never to early to start planning for this important task to ensure that is is done properly, efficiently, and thoroughly.  

Here is an excerpt from the post:

 Unfortunately, it’s that time of year again to break out the winter cover and close up the pool. You can successfully learn how to close an inground pool in just a day without paying anyone.

What You Need:

Pool cover
Water tubes (needed if you don’t have a safety cover)
Winter plugs for the return jets
Gizmo(s) to plug and protect your skimmers
Winter Closing Kit
Air compressor/blower
WinterPill (helps to keep the pool clear all winter — it’s not needed but I recommend it)
1. Remove Deck and Skimmer Equipment

Remove your diving board, ladders, rails, safety ropes, and any other equipment you might have in and around the pool (not your filter system).

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