Steps to Building A Gunite Pool

Steps to Building A Gunite Pool

What to Consider Before Installing a Pool

From Home Improvement Pages

Even after the process of deciding to design and install an inground pool is complete, there are still lots of steps that need to be undertaken to facilitate the installation.  The laundry list of tasks is long, and includes:  Municipal codes and permit application, engineering, grading, site work, landscaping, fencing, irrigation, lighting, etc. This post from Home Improvement Pages talks about the steps and considerations that need to be taken and checked off before a swimming pool goes in.  

Here is an excerpt from the post:

 As summer approaches, your thoughts are turning towards finally installing that swimming pool you’ve been dreaming about for years. Should you start getting quotes from pool builders now, or should you give your pool more careful consideration? A pool is a big expense and will have an equally big impact on your landscape. Here are some things to consider before installing a pool.

Check with Your Local Council

You can’t install a pool of any useable size without council permission. Regulations vary from state-to-state and even council-to-council, so contact your local council first to find out everything you need to know about installing pools in your area. Your council may also be able to give you invaluable information about precautions you should take before installing a pool. For example, you may need to have a geotechnical survey conducted to determine if the soil is stable enough for an inground pool or if a large rock formation may be hidden under the surface of the soil where you want to install your pool. You might also need to find out if there are underground cables in the area where your pool is going to be installed.

In some states, all pools must be registered and in most parts of Australia, pool fencing has become mandatory. There may be extra expenses involved that you have not considered. Checking with your local council first will help you work out your pool budget and determine what type of pool you can afford to install.

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