How Much Does A Pool Cost?

How Much Does A Pool Cost?

How Much Does a Pool Cost? 93 Real World Examples

From INYO pools

We have posted numerous articles that talk about costs of inground pools.  Usually the post will focus on types of construction, and use general terms that often lead a researcher confused and no closer to being able to budget than before.  This post from INYO pools is unique in this respect, and extremely helpful:  Pictures of finished pool projects are labeled with a price tag.  

Here is an excerpt from the post:

How much does a pool cost is a question I get asked all the time. When I started writing this article I began with the standard items like well it depends on size, location, water features etc.. Then I thought wouldn’t it be cool to just show pools and list how much they cost, so that’s what I’ve done. I emailed our subscribers asking them to send us a photo of their pool and how much it cost and I was overwhelmed by the response I received, 93 pools with photos and pricing, thank you, everyone, who participated.

If you are reading this article you are probably in thinking about building a pool so here are a few other resources I would suggest. How to Save up to 30% by Building Your Own Pool (no this is not you actually digging the hole of the pool, this would be you acting as the contractor and you scheduling the and managing the subcontractors. Another good resource is this TimeLapse Video of a 9 Week Pool Build from Start to Finish this will give you an idea of what the project of building a new pool will look like.
Drumbroll please…. Here are our 93 pools and there cost.
#1 Cotuit Ma. $25,000
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