Cost to Build Pool

Cost to Build Pool

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Swimming Pool?

From Home Advisor

Home Advisor is an extremely popular website that pairs qualified home professionals with consumers.  It stands to reason, therefore, that when Home Advisor polls their members about certain topics, the information is likely relevant and somewhat accurate.  This post from Home Advisor aimed to figure out how much an inground pool will cost to install.  Granted, this survey does not adjust for geography, nor for construction type, but it does set a realistic framework for the consumer when they are beginning their research.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

A swimming pool is a major addition to a home and can add countless years of enjoyment to your property. When considering a swimming pool installation, it is important account for all of the factors that affect the cost. While installing some options at the time of construction could make the project more affordable, there are other items that can be added later on without incurring too much extra expense.
Based on 950 HomeAdvisor customer responses, the average pool install costed $19,797. This includes both above and in-ground pools. Obviously in-ground will be on the higher end of the range of what most homeowners spend – between $8,589 and $31,432.
Pool Size

As you can imagine, the single largest cost factor in any pool installation is its size. The larger the pool, the higher the costs. Not only is the cost of installation more, so are the operational costs. In the end, it’s the size of your pool comes down to how much pool your yard will allow and how much pool you think is enough (or want to pay for).

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