Swimming With Dolphins In An Inground Swimming Pool

Swimming With Dolphins In An Inground Swimming Pool

A Swimming Pool Fit for a Dolphin

From Pool and Spa News

Phoenix-area builder Presidential Pools delved into something different with this project, where man and dolphin can coexist

Many people have had the experience of briefly sharing a water space with Dolphins.  These attractions are available for a price at many resorts around the world.  This post from The Pool And Spa News presents a slightly different twist on this concept:  An inground swimming pool where humans and dolphins can co-exist.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

But this project had a different twist. Meant to increase the appreciation of dolphins and promote ocean conservation, the Dolphinaris park would include pools where humans could interact with our fellow mammals in the water. Visitors can interact with the dolphins from dry land, inside the pool, or even serve as dolphin trainers for a day. There already existed six Dolphinaris properties in Mexico, but this would be the first in the U.S.

The resort opened last year. Presidential, a PSN Top 50 Builder located in Gilbert, Ariz., is happy to have added another type of project to its portfolio. But it had to learn about dolphins and their physical needs, then translate that into the design and construction of the pool. Additionally, the technology used in Mexico — all on beachfront properties where seawater could be used — had to be adapted for an inland community in one of the most treacherous deserts in the U.S.

With some direction and specifications from other experts, including some supplied by Dolphinaris, the company was able to build a pool fit for these creatures.

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