Beware The Alligator In Swimming Pool

Beware The Alligator In Swimming Pool

Alligator found swimming in Florida family’s pool

From UPI

This is a problem that is most likely limited to the Southern U.S., but it is no less scary.  Imagine jumping into your refreshing backyard inground swimming pool to discover that you are not alone.  Imagine further that your companion is a Alligator!  This post from UPI presents a story in which the gator took over the family pool, and animal control was necessary to rescue it.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

March 7 (UPI) — Animal control officers removed an alligator that decided to dip into a Florida family’s pool on Tuesday morning.

Martin County Sheriff’s office shared a photo of the gator as it casually rested at the bottom of the in-ground pool.

“Gator takes over family pool, MCSO working to remove it,” police said.

Officials arrived at the scene to remove the gator, that had apparently snuck into the community, and moved it to a nearby body of water.

Prior to the incident police referred to as “Gator Gate” MSCO officers removed another alligator from underneath a family’s car.

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