Outdoor Design Creates Pool from Dumpster

Outdoor Design Creates Pool from Dumpster

Astounding Dumpster to Pool Conversion
An innovative project for the budget-conscious homeowner transforms a lowly Dumpster into a gorgeous swimming pool.


The ingenuity of outdoor designers can sometimes take projects to a new level of sublimity.  This post from HGTV shows not only creativity, but resourcefulness on a whole other plane.  Creating a luxury swimming pool from a former garbage dumpster may just me the most stunning transformation every performed, and this post outlines the entire creative and constructive process.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

Former Dumpster Gets the Glamour Treatment

You’d love to have a backyard swimming pool but are deterred by the costs. Is there an affordable option? If you happen to be New Orleans based architect/designer Stefan Beese, there is a solution. Witness his step by step transformation of a Dumpster into a stylish aquatic feature the whole family can enjoy.

Coming Soon, a Swimming Pool

One advantage of a Dumpster pool is that it only needs approximately a 8 x 24 feet space which is perfect for shotgun houses with narrow lots. This lot had a 2-3 foot decline so Beese had to excavate 24 inches to level the location for the installation.

A Bed of Limestone Gravel

Once the pool area has been dug out and leveled off, a thick layer of limestone gravel is put down to support and protect the Dumpster base.

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