Modern Swimming Pool Designs

Modern Swimming Pool Designs

32 Modern Swimming pool design ideas

From Minimalisti

With their clean lines and sleek materials, modern swimming pools can be the ultimate complement to the modern home design.  This post from Minimalisti showcases 32 such pools, showcasing the modern watershapers talents in this unique expression of the artform.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

If you are looking for inspiration for modern swimming pool design ideas this is the right place. Here we are gathering the most remarkable swimming pool designs on the web. We will look at the

Modern swimming pool design ideas depend on the location and construction. They can be located indoor or outdoor, infinity pools, and the variety of shapes differs from rectangular, square, kidney shaped pools or pools with custom shapes. As per the construction pools can be inground or above ground and again, the design will depend on the place and the preferences of the owner. Modern technology for pool construction can create pools that will fit the overall style of the house and harmoniously fit into the landscape. The durability, ease of maintenance and operation of the pool equipment are of great importance as well. The materials must comply with the standards and regulations governing the construction and operation of swimming pools.

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