Unique Pool Ideas

Unique Pool Ideas

37 Unique Pool Ideas (Pictures)

From Love Home Designs

Many people that undertake the sometimes difficult task of designing a swimming pool for their own backyard frequently want something out of the ordinary.  Looking for inspiration in tropical getaways or award-winning aquascapes is a great way to find out the state of the art of waterscape design.  This post from Love Home Designs showcases some of the more unusual and unique ideas to bring the tropics home and to set up one’s family for fun and recreation for lifetimes.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

Are you looking for awesome inground pool ideas for your home? Inground swimming pool designs can be very overwhelming. That’s one reason we have come up with our gallery of pool ideas and pool design plans for your enjoyment. Feel free to point your pool salesman to this post to share the pool ideas you like the most!

Owning a house with a pool is the absolute pinnacle of luxury for most homeowners. It’s certainly not a necessity, but it is a fun purchase and investment that can transform the lifestyle of your family. Part of the fun with any large purchase is researching and dreaming of exactly what you want. So, if your looking for great backyard pool ideas, you have come to the right place.

The size of your pool is important. Too small, and you won’t be able to make the most of it. Too large, and you’ll feel lost and it will cost an awful lot to run. Get the size right by checking out examples of other home swimming pools for an idea of what you need. If you have some extra space, turn space close to the pool into a poolside relaxation area, complete with stylish and comfortable lounge beds, a permanent barbeque or outdoor kitchen and bar area, and an external dining area so you can enjoy your pool as you entertain guests and your family. A square pool is traditional and certainly easier to install, but a pool with free flowing soft curved edges will give your pool a more tropical getaway feel.

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