Small Inground Pools

Small Inground Pools

Small inground pools – inspiring ideas for small gardens and patios

From Minimalisti

Small gardens, or minimally spaced yards are actually the perfect venue for a swimming pool and landscape design.  Tighter spaces allow for the skilled designer to really flex his or her design muscles by allocating the limited space and creating utilty.  This post from Minimalisti showcases some fabulous examples of small inground pools and small gardens that illustrate this point perfectly.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

Small inground pools are the perfect solution if you have a limited outdoor space but still want a stunning outdoor area. There are many ideas for swimming pool design which will help you realize that you can have your small pool and transform a small garden or patio into a fabulous area for relax and fun. The main challenge is to design a swimming pool for a small garden in a way that it looks attractive and unique, despite its small size.

Small inground pools – design ideas for limited space

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