Pool Shapes

Pool Shapes

6 Pool Shapes That Complement Their Surroundings


Making a swimming pool fit into and harmonize into existing surroundings is more art than science.  Skilled designers will consider materials, shapes, sizes, elevations, rhythm, space allocation, textures, colors, etc. to seamlessly outfit an outdoor living space.  In this post from AQUA magazine via Houzz, designer Josh Atkinson describes some finished projects by masters of outdoor design that perfectly suit their environment. Spoiler: There is a project from Platinum Pool featured in the post.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

To be successful amid the outdoor living boom, it’s critical for retailers and builders to stay abreast of rapidly changing consumer tastes in backyard products. To help keep your product lines up to date, AQUA has partnered with design megasite Houzz to bring you more content about outdoor living, from pools and spas to outdoor kitchens and patio furniture. Here, a Houzz expert shares just a few examples of pool designs that harmonize with the existing home.

Finding your perfect pool shape is all about paying attention to your surroundings. Remember, the pool is an extension of your existing spaces, so you want it to complement the look of your house and landscape. Above all else, your personality and home style are the most important aspects of the design.

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