Custom Swimming Pools

Custom Swimming Pools

19 Spectacular Pools From Around the Globe

From Houzz

With over 40 Million users worldwide, Houzz is the website that everyone goes to when looking to do a home improvement or design project.  The ability to view and keep spectacular photos in an ideabook, save them for later, and incorporate those features on one’s own design has been an invaluable tool for a good percentage of the world’s population.  This post, which features a pool by Platinum Pool, highlights some incredible pools that include infinity edges, oceanside vistas, and other luxurious features and amenities that will inspire.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

These incredible infinity pools, heavenly oceanside pools and luxurious lap pools around the world have unmatched allure. Take a dip

A well-designed swimming pool is the liquid centrepiece of your home and can turn your backyard into a decadent escape. Whether you prefer to lounge poolside, dip your toes before diving in or cannonball your way to the centre with panache, the images below are sure to have you dreaming of chlorinated, saltwater or natural water pools. Let’s suspend reality for a few minutes and imagine that we’re looking out into the gorgeous waters of the pools below.

This pool is the azure jewel of a villa that overlooks neighbouring islands in the Caribbean. Although the cabanas draped in yellow fabric and the lounges look inviting, I’d probably spend all of my time in the water looking out into the horizon at sunset. No music, no reading material, no phones — just water all around.

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