Backyard Swimming Pool Design

Backyard Swimming Pool Design


From Homesthetics

Desiging a backyard space that will include a swimming pool can be a daunting venture.  There are so many aspects of design that are to be considered, weighed, and incorporated into the overall asethetic in some way or another.  This post from Homesthetics presents some of these aspects and how to handle them.  

Here is an excerpt from the post:

Swimming pools are the ultimate insertion in a backyard design. Even if they sound a bit luxurious and probably unaffordable, the amount of relaxation and recreation achieved by having such an extension to your home will always outweigh the costs.  Before talking about where a pool should be fitted or how it should look like, you should always consider its functionality. And, the first question you should ask yourself is why do you want a swimming pool? Will you use it for exercising or relaxing? Will you have enough space left for other activities or just for the pool? Will you use it so much that it will cover its cost or could you make do without it? How will you treat the rest of the landscape? Will you have enough time for maintenance or you’ll have to have someone paid to do it for you? And there are still many things to be considered. To sum up, before rushing into acquiring a pool, try to foresee all the aspects of owning one so that you wouldn’t end up with a lot of money spent for something that nobody uses, likes or takes care of. When all these questions are answered you can start looking for examples in magazines and on the Internet and, considering that you’ve done your homework, have all the answers and know exactly what you’re looking for, now it will be much easier to find inspiration because you know what to look for.

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