Swimming Pool Safety

Swimming Pool Safety

The Sensible Way to Enjoy Your Inground Swimming Pool


Swimming pools are one of the most fulfilling amenities that a family can acquire.  The swimming pool can create memories, and give families and guests years of enjoyment, relaxation, and fun!  Unfortunately, swimming pools also carry inherent risks, not just from drowning.  The hazards surrounding a swimming pool are legion, and it is incumbent upon the swimming pool owner to be aware of these risks in order to mitigate and manage them.  This guide from the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals is the most comprehensive treatise to date on the myriad issues that can be associated with swimming pool ownership, and the responsible management of them thereof.

Here is an excerpt from the guide:

This booklet has been prepared by the Association of Pool &
Spa Professionals (APSP) to inform you about general safe
use, operation, and maintenance of your pool.
It represents the current knowledge of the industry,
but is not intended to cover all aspects of pool design
operations, installation, and maintenance. Refer to specific
manufacturer’s instructions for more details on product
installation, use, maintenance, and safety and keep them
along with this booklet for ready use and reference. Be sure
to pass them along to future owners or renters.
Swimming pools are intended to provide many hours of
enjoyment. Just as with any product, you and only you can
determine if your pool is used sensibly. The key to safe use
of a product is a sensible and informed consumer.
“The Sensible Way to Enjoy Your Inground
Swimming Pool”
Congratulations on being a pool owner! Your pool can
give you, your family, and guests many years of fun and
This booklet contains important safety information you
should know about operating and maintaining your pool. It
will help you understand some of the causes of pool-related
accidents and how to prevent them. It is your responsibility
to be sure that you, your family, and guests use the pool
In addition to this booklet, it is important to read and
keep all of the operating instructions, owner’s manuals,
and warranties for your pool and its equipment. Clearly
understand the specifics of safe operation and proper
maintenance which these publications provide. Keep these
materials on file for your own reference, and pass them
along to future owners or renters.

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