Semi Inground Pool

Semi Inground Pool

Semi Inground Pool Home Design Photos

From Houzz

One subgenre of custom swimming pool design is the semi inground swimming pool.  Elevating a portion of the swimming pool above grade or burying a portion of the swimming pool leaves a very interesting decorative element above grade.  Additionally, this design allows for interesting elevation changes on the designs.  This post from Houzz presents 256 examples of this interesting architectural element and the associated landscape designs associated with them.

Here is an exceprt from the post:

As you can see with this example, it gives you a strong physical element to play with – it could be tiled or, as in this case, you could leave the timber formwork exposed. In this way the pool literally becomes part of the landscaping, making it feel much more integrated into the whole scheme – which is kind of what people were trying to achieve with the glass balustrade anyway.

We used Leduers limestone for this pool deck material. The fields were antique Leuders and the bands were gray Leuders to provide some contrast and pattern for the project. It turned out great and the owners love it.

Water running over edge makes it look more natural and less like a above round pool.

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